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Description of CloudBoss Pro

To clarify straight away, CloudBoss Pro is not a PBN hosting solution as most people think it is. It is instead a hosting management platform. It allows you to manage all of your hosting accounts in one area. The price of this external hosting is obviously not included in their pricing.

Backlinking with high-quality incoming links is definitely one of the best ways to push a site to rank higher on Google. Of course, finding people who are willing to link to your site(s) is not an easy feat, and it’s also not a cheap one. That’s why PBNs come as one of the best solutions for this – they allow you to have your own network where you can have high-quality websites and do the backlinking yourself. 

Hailed as a revolutionary SEO and PBN hosting platform by its owner Terry Kyle, Cloudboss Pro has actually left a mixed impression among reviewers and users. 

For those who are into the field of SEO as well as hosting solutions, the name of Terry Kyle will definitely ring a bell. He’s a man that has had a fair share of experience in SEO and has also launched a couple of SEO-based products so far. 

Cloudboss Pro has been marketed as an innovative software that offers SEO hosting services. It’s supposed to be a tool that’ll simplify the process of creating and maintaining PBNs for site owners. 

But, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, and further down you’ll find out exactly why. But first, let’s uncover some more info on Cloudoss Pro.

What Exactly is CloudBoss Pro?

To clarify straight away, CloudBoss Pro is not a PBN hosting solution as most people think it is. It is instead a hosting management platform. It allows you to manage all of your hosting accounts in one area. The price of this external hosting is obviously not included in their pricing.

The platform itself looks alright and it’s pretty easy to use. There has been a huge amount of drama around the owner Terry Kyle, having multiple run-ins with his competitors and other people in the SEO industry. He’s acted quite unprofessional which isn’t something you want in a business owner you are trusting with a very valuable asset. There are too many red flags here, many people have had bad things to say about the owner and I personally wouldn’t recommend this service.

Why Use Cloudboss Pro?

As I said, CloudBoss Pro is supposed to simplify the way sites are being installed on the cloud, by a long shot. It’s designed to help users do this with just a couple of simple clicks. 

While cloud services tend to have complex set up processes and interfaces which are kinda hard to navigate, should be there to make it all the easier – streamline the process and save you plenty of time and energy. 

This type of software is supposed to automate tracking of Moz DA, Majestic Trust Flow, and Majestic Citation Flow, as well as do monitoring of your site’s indexing on Google. CloudBoss Pro also doesn’t let you host several sites on an identical IP (it can happen by accident), because it checks them beforehand. 

Whereas regular SEO hosting companies have plenty of sites that share the same servers, platforms such as CloudBoss Pro help you host your own sites on your own account without being shared with other sites. 

This is good because with regular SEOs Google has an easy time deindexing sites with the same IP addresses, a really easy feat for them to find them once they sign up for an account and find the shared IPs. 

Platforms such as CloudBoss protect you from being found out by Google – you’ll simply become one of many websites already being hosted on a bunch of cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. 

How Does CloudBoss work?

CloudBoss works by allowing users to create their own autonomous accounts on its integrated cloud services, after which they’ll also need to insert the API key. 

By using CloudBoss, you’ll be able to install a full site in about 6-7 minutes, but this kinda depends on what Cloud service you’ve opted for. 

Google won’t target these services for a couple of reasons, but the main one is because CloudBoss Pro users simply don’t use resources that they share directly with other CloudBoss users or other SEOs. 

Who Can Use CloudBoss? 

Using a PBN service is a great way to index your site(s) higher in the search engine results. PBNs can be particularly helpful for people whose income depends on digital marketing services and promoting sites online through various SEO techniques.

Now, since PBNs (particularly cloud ones) are not that easy to set up and maintain, there are services such as CloudBoss designed to ease the process of creating a Private Blog Network. 

Issues With CloudBoss

As I said, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies with this software. One of the biggest problems is that as a user, you’ll need to pay for your own hosting. Even though you’re paying for the subscription CloudBoss offers, you’ll also need to pay for the hosting of the sites. 

However, along with the CloudBoss Pro membership, you’ll be able to receive info on how to get hosting accounts that are free, in which case you’ll only have to pay for the monthly CloudBoss subscription. 

Another annoying thing about CloudBoss is how, as a user, you’ll be required to manage the servers of the hosting providers, since it doesn’t give you any such support. This can be a big hassle because setting up a server, as well as providing it with basic security, optimizing its performance, updating it, and doing backups, can take plenty of time and energy! 

Another problem are the Amazon servers – there are just too many of them on the platform! Amazon is simply not that big of a hosting provider to be so ubiquitous and to be able to host most of the sites on them. 

And last but not least, I’m not really convinced they’ve really tested the platform. One of the telling signs is that they’ve had some issues with the software so they had to move the launch date a couple of times. And where are the third-party audits? I simply can’t know if the platform is leaving a footprint or not! 

Ethical Problems

Some reviewers on the internet have reported of ethical problems with this platform and its owner. Namely, there were outings of people’s sites, as well as manipulations of IP discovery, which is no small matter! 

According to a reviewer, Terry Kyle did a reverse IP on one of the IPs of Easy Blog Networks, showing a blog that looks like a PBN, attempting to claim that all of them are PBN blogs on the IP. The troubling thing is that he had, in fact, uncovered the website and the URL of users who didn’t consent, which also kinda put their businesses in danger. So that’s taking it too far when promoting your product, I’d say. 

And another thing I have to mention is the reverse check. With the reverse check, Terry Kyle attempted to show that there aren’t any sites on the IP of The reason for the empty IP, though, is because the server itself is empty – the “” sites aren’t live. How this passed as a promotion tactic, beats me. 

CloudBoss Pro Pricing

CloudBoss Pro charges $0.50 per website, this is simply to have them all in a dashboard where you can manage the hosting. You’ll have to get regular hosting on top of this which will become a lot more costly than other PBN hosting services. They also have a minimum package of 100 sites, so if you are starting off small and wanting to scale this isn’t something you can do.

In short, Cloudboss Pro offers two packages: 

  • Up to 100 HTML sites on Rackspace, which will cost you $49.99 per month; 
  • Up to 200 HTML sites on Rackspace, which will cost you $79.99 per month. 

It also provides a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. 

Platform Features

The CloudBoss Pro platform doesn’t have any notable features, it’s good for hosting management but for PBN hosting there isn’t much of value. 


If you decide to go with CloudBoss Pro I would tread carefully, I definitely don’t recommend this service. There are plenty of other good PBN hosting solutions that you can choose from which will help you scale your network and have a tonne of features. 

A good option for this is Bulk Buy Hosting, a safe-to-use and affordable PBN hosting platform. This is one of the best PBN hosting providers you can find online for several reasons. First of all, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to have a huge IT experience to use it. A PBN site builder is integrated into the dashboard, which means you can quickly order a website build for one of your PBNs with the click of a button. 

You can get Bulk Buy Hosting for $2.60 a month per site scaling (10-domain plan), or you can pay $1.82 a month per site for larger plans. This is by far one of the cheapest, most affordable PBN hosting options out there that’s definitely worth a shot. 

If, however, you want a CDN alternative, LaunchCDN is your best bet. 

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