CloudBoss.Pro Review

Description of CloudBoss Pro

To clarify straight away, CloudBoss Pro is not a PBN hosting solution as most people think it is. It is instead a hosting management platform. It allows you to manage all of your hosting accounts in one area. The price of this external hosting is obviously not included in their pricing.

The platform itself looks alright and it’s pretty easy to use. There has been a huge amount of drama around the owner Terry Kyle, having multiple run-ins with his competitors and other people in the SEO industry. He’s acted quite unprofessional which isn’t something you want in a business owner you are trusting with a very valuable asset. There are too many red flags here, many people have had bad things to say about the owner and I personally wouldn’t recommend this service.

CloudBoss Pro Pricing

CloudBoss Pro charges $0.50 per website, this is simply to have them all in a dashboard where you can manage the hosting. You’ll have to get regular hosting on top of this which will become a lot more costly than other PBN hosting services. They also have a minimum package of 100 sites, so if you are starting off small and wanting to scale this isn’t something you can do.

Platform Features

The CloudBoss Pro platform doesn’t have any noteable features, it’s good for hosting management but for PBN hosting there isn’t much of value.


If you decide to go with CloudBoss Pro I would tread carefully, I definitely don’t recommend this service. There are plenty of other good PBN hosting solutions that you can choose from which will help you scale your network and have a tonne of features.

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