PBN.Hosting Review

Description of PBN.Hosting

PBN.Hosting seems to be focused on PBN owners who want to quickly build a large network from rebuilding archive websites using HTML. This is fine but this is becoming an increasingly risky trend and there have been recent cases that show Google is on top of this. Especially if you are using expired domains, you’ll eventually get caught. So this in itself is a bit worrying and speaks that they don’t really know their target market as well as competitors.

After using PBN.Hosting for a few weeks, it’s quite frustrating compared to other services. It misses the mark on a lot of features and generally makes tasks much more difficult than they have to be. Some parts of the platform feel unfinished and I encountered a number of bugs when trying to do simple tasks. For example, when I added my first domain I had an error then the domain was added behind the scenes but not visible (so I couldn’t re-add it, remove it or edit it).

PBN.Hosting Pricing

PBN.Hosting is pretty expensive for low domain plans, it only really becomes worth it for the very large plans. Currently the 10 domain plan works out to be $2.90/month per site scaling to $1.60/month per site for larger plans. You’ll have to look at plans over 100 domains to get a competitive rate.

Platform Features

PBN.Hosting does have some good features on it’s platform.

  • Wayback importer
  • Dynamic IPs
  • Good support
  • Automated updates & backups


PBN.Hosting is a good option if you want to spam out a large amount of wayback restored websites, but since this isn’t a good idea there is no way I can recommend it. As for regular PBN hosting it misses the mark and other platforms are much better.

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