GoPBN Review

Description of GoPBN

GoPBN is another popular service that people use. It’s quite large in India, their platform is similar to many other competitors but doesn’t have as many features as the leading services. The user interface is fairly basic, similar to PBN.Hosting it feels unfinished in areas and isn’t a great experience.

The website owners have been known to do some fairly nefarious practices in the past so for this reason I personally wouldn’t put my trust in them to provide a great product. They’ve acted very immature on public platforms which clearly shows they aren’t professional. For this reason and other reasons they definitely wouldn’t be my go to.

GoPBN Pricing

GoPBN is by far the most expensive PBN hosting service. Currently the 10 domain plan works out to be $4.00/month per site scaling to $2.75/month per site for larger plans. For what the service provides in comparison to competitors, it’s incredibly overpriced.

Platform Features

GoPBN doesn’t have many features that stand out from competitors.

  • Quick website deployment
  • Dynamic IPs


GoPBN isn’t a bad host, but it’s definitely not the best and it’s priced as if it provides a lot more than it’s competitors. I don’t recommend using their service.

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2 stars based off 12 reviews


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