Types of Links

The concept about link opens the huge thing concerning worms which is in both SEO worlds and content marketing. Content marketers can object to links everything, declaring them as part of seamy underworld of the black hat SEO. The SEO marketers, secretly crave the connections and privately buy the links. Mainly, there are various types of the link building strategies and techniques which can help to get the higher rank in a search engine ranking. Proper choice and usage will assist in extending the higher ranking and the web traffic, hence building the brand recognition with higher profit. Here are different types of links (both good and bad) – beginner’s guide to link in SEO.

Links that boost the page rank

Primarily, these links work to improve page rank of the web site. The page rank can be determined based on the vital number links the web site has typically. It’s always the best have different locations to point back to the site, but it’s important to know the importance of these sites. Else the links are well discarded by the Google’s algorithm. The tools available that assist in determining page rank of the sites. When you use them, they will contemplate the website which would be best to achieve the higher Page Rank.


Links that boost the traffic

They are the links that focus on the driving more traffics to the web site. The links don’t help to improve the page rank. Essentially, what they do become exposing the website to a plethora of the visitors out there thus making sure that the visitors have visited the site much more. There are different forms that boost traffic links which will be directory submission, made- blog comments, banner ads, etc.

Links that elevate SERP

These are the links which basically elevate search engine that result in positioning with an assistance of particular keywords. To build such type of links need selecting the apt anchor text and proper keywords. This will be done when there will be use of the blog comments, organic links and directory submission.

Google Algorithm

Article submission

The article submission in different articles directories is the shot method of building an essential link in the website. You will write an article every day or when you need to make the directory submission of the articles. The submissions will be made in different directories in total, where the one-way links are offered to the site from articles. The other sites which use the articles will also provide a one-way link for your site acquired from the other websites.

Triangular link exchange

In this link, there is the one-way link exchange which is between the three websites. For instance, site X can give the link to the site Y, the site Y to the site Z and the site Z to the site X. So all the three sites having the one-way links.

Sharing Links

Links that boost the reputation

Links will work wonders at what time when building the reputation. These type of links usually contain the name of the company in an anchor text. The links aren’t just constrained to a leading website but appear in blogs, social profile, among others.

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